Inventory of Affect is a browser-based web application that reads any .txt file for emotional content. Proceeding line by line, it identifies sentences with words that match a controlled vocabulary and generates three word clouds from the text. The first cloud in the cabinet (upper right) is made from sentences that are positively pitched, the second (center left) is a cloud of all the words in the text, and the third (bottom right) comes from sentences with negatively charged emotions. The clouds are embedded in a cabinet of wonders, which is itself embedded (stuck) in a swamp.


To use the app, simply upload any text (.txt) file to the home page and wait for the results. If you don't have a .txt file handy, you can find one at Project Gutenberg or Archive.org. Note, however, that some .txt files may need to be cleaned up a bit to get more accurate results. We've included a few in our code section that are fairly—if not squeaky—clean.